Why Do I Still Keep Losing My Shit?

Thats Easy to answer. You are lost in a deep sea of unexpressed emotional pain.

The good news is you can learn how to ‘do it differently’.

No-one would scream at their partner, whack their child, hit their wife, cry in a work meeting or tell their best friend to get F@*ked if they were Conscious & Connected with their own inner world.

When we ‘lose it’ it is because we often have layers & layers of unresolved emotional baggage. We are very rarely if ever upset/angry/frustrated over what is happening Only in this present moment.

When we reflect after we have ‘lost it again’ a loud voice will tell us All the Reasons we are pissed & search for all the justified answers as to why we did what we did. The mind goes on a scavenger hunt to excuse or blame ourselves or others. It does this so we can escape the truth.

A simple Truth.

There is pain!

Pain that wants & needs to be expressed & it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.

Yes there is no denying that a current situation may have triggered the pain but the deeper truth is, it was already there waiting for a chance to let you know you gotta acknowledge it & release it. The challenge is to do it with love, acceptance & courage. The challenge is to take responsibility for what lies inside of You.

More Good News.

Taking responsibility is Powerful & though the Mind would love to disagree, the outcome of owning your emotions & learning how to sit through them Empowers Your Life.

Instead of ‘losing your shit’, you own it & by doing that your shit dissolves. Without all this extra baggage you’ve been carrying around you have more control in your life & relationships. It frees up inner space so you can rise above previous emotional triggers & find new ways of handling old problems.

Next time you feel yourself getting razzed up, take a few deep breaths, draw your attention to your feet on the ground & allow yourself a moment to feel whats happening in your body. This helps you to experience that it is indeed ‘happening’ in Your Body. Excuse yourself from the external situation for a moment to calm your emotional body if you need to. This allows the chemical flow to slow down. Try to think of something in nature you love doing, this confuses the Mind & helps with realignment. Of course this is challenging in the ‘heat of an intense moment’. This practise is for the “I’ve just found myself back here moment” that opens up a little later on.

Lasting change requires you to learn how to let go of the past by shaking off the stuff thats stuck there. You need to learn how to feel your body & experience your emotions in a healthy way. Let go of patterning & delete old stories that no longer serve you. This is a decision you make when you have ‘had enough’ of all the drama, stress & dissatisfaction. You know you want more out of life, your relationships & ultimately your relationship with yourself. This is when you take positive action & get support so change can happen.

You can learn new techniques to experience yourself as the depths of the sea, not the stormy surface. Your emotional life does not have to be chaotic & unpredictable. You can do something to change it. When you do this no matter what happens in your life situation, you will be connected to inner stillness & with that foundation you can respond to anything with clarity, calm, compassion & love. There is nothing more Powerful then that.

Working through My 5. Levels of ‘Raisin Your Vibe’ will help you to move with greater Ease, Grace & Flow in Life.

This Blog relates most directly to clearing energy in Level 3 : Demote Your Mind & Level 4 : Detangle Your Heart.

Continued Awakenings

xo Sach

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