Understanding Mindfulness.

Mindfulness; the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

If we think about this only briefly we would assume that we are always Mindful, if we are doing something haven’t we got our attention on it! When we check this idea out even Now as you are reading this, it is quite likely that your attention constantly jumps all over the place. From reading, to thinking about the words, perhaps moving around in your seat, maybe eating as you read & on & on. So for most of us Mindfulness, in this example: just reading, is actually a very rare & fleeting experience.

It is however something that we can learn to do. Every moment is a new opportunity to become present & fully connected to the Now.

Why would we want to do this?

Well, I can tell you from personal experience its a life changer!

Being Present to the Moment ensures that you let go of all the stress, anxiety, pain & worry that allowing yourself to be drawn over & over into the past or future brings you.

It is really a crazy insight into your chaotic mind when you first start to become aware of how much time you are Not living in the present moment and Not connected to what you are actually doing.

Let me give you a very basic example. When you have a cup of tea, chances are you are not even experiencing drinking the tea. Unless of course its too hot & you burn your tongue then you will become Very aware of the moment & very Mindful of your next sip.

Generally though we find ourselves drinking the tea but thinking about a million other things. What we should be doing, what we are going to do next. Worse we could be caught in some crazy looping story about what someone else said or did to us a week ago.If you were drinking the tea whilst being mindful: having your attention fully in this moment only, it is a totally different experience. You would feel the cup, smell the tea leaves, experience the heat coming from the liquid, taste the unique flavours of the blende & connect with your inner body as the warmth flows down your throat. If you really indulged in the moment you would experience the fullness of it. This is the way life intends for us. This is the path to a connected, joy-filled & creative life. It just also happens to be Very Powerful. When you learn this through direct experience you come to know that you Can Be the Creator of Your Reality.

When we start to become aware/conscious of our thoughts, it allows space into our lives. We slow down & naturally become more connected to life. When we start to practice Mindfulness we also notice that we can direct our lives in a totally new way. When we are not so aware of our thoughts, behaviours & responses we are often reacting to situations without realising that we are deciding our future experiences with no directed intention. We are operating as a victim to our crazy mind. Mindfulness allows us the opportunity to Pause, be present to what is happening in This Moment & make a conscious choice that better serves our life.

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