Mentor Zoom Worldwide

I Love that modern technology can connect Us Face to Face from anywhere around the planet. How awesome!

Hey, it’s great to connect with You here!

Personal Mentoring is a chance for You to Connect with YOU!

It’s You saying to yourself. “I’m important, I matter and This is My One Life and it’s Time To Leap Forward”.

Since you are Here, Right Now, I’m going to assume that You already know something about Me and my style of Mentoring!

I work with You on whatever is currently coming up for You as an area you want to Shift, Change, Redirect, Let go of or Enhance. I’m here to assist and support You to Grow through Lifes Challenges.

Lets face it we don’t often ‘reach out’ when things are Fabulous. If they are however, and you want to keep it flowing that way or just want a Sista to share the Joy I’m here for that too!

I view every person that I connect with as a unique vibration of the incredible consciousness that is arising. I’m here to be present to Who You Are and what is seeking to Emerge through you. Often we first have to let go of and shift ‘stuff” that is in the way of your next progression.

You will be familiar with my 5. Levels of Raisin The Vibe! (If not, read about it here on the webpage) These Levels will be looked at regardless of the ‘issue’ that is currently presenting itself because we are a Vibrating Being that is connected across these areas. Where one is effected, all are!

I am a regular Meditator and Mindfulness Practitioner. These tools will most likely be used during our time together.

I have been personally guided and instructed by Buddhist Nuns in Vietnam, Monks in Nepal and Australia. I am currently being personally Mentored by Eckhart Tolle whom I consider to be the most Spiritually Awake Human on the Planet Right Now.

So, if you have read this far I’m going to tell You without a doubt “Your Heart is calling You to Connect with Me!” How do I know for sure? Because this is ‘the sign’ you have been calling in.

I have taken up this exact CALLING OF MY HEART MANY TIMES AND THE RESULTS ARE THE LIFE I EXPERIENCE. I don’t let my Mind take over with all the ‘yeah buts’. I leap forward knowing that My Heart has My Highest Good in its view and I gotta trust that. Now its up to you to Trust Yours!

I would love to meet You in your home or favourite heart felt place whenever it’s possible. I have found over the years that the Mentoring journey is enhanced and movement flows much more quickly & joyfully when you are supported by an environment which connects to your Heart. It allows Me to have a direct experience of that which lights you up and in so doing I gain a deeper sense of Who You Are.

Mentoring with Me has been explained as meeting a Dear Friend for a catchup that leaves You feeling Seen, Heard, Supported, Inspired & Empowered to leap with Confidence into the next stage of your life.

My Presence has also been described by clients as a feeling of “experiencing my own Love for the very first time.”

The biggest compliment that I receive is that “I don’t feel judged by you!” This lights up my Heart because in todays world, judgement is everywhere. So to be able to give You time to Be Yourself Fully is my Honour, Gift and Blessing.

I’m available to connect with You via ZOOM. I also travel frequently around the Globe and you can check out my Calendar if you would prefer In-Person Mentoring when I’m in Your Town.

I spend the majority of my time between our unique Underground Home I share with my husband Graeme in Far Western NSW, Australia. Our 5 grown children live on the NSW Central Coast 1hr north of Sydney which sees me travel in that region often.

I also spends several months of the year in the United States and can be contacted for In-Person Mentoring usually between Nov-Feb. My time there is spent between California, Arizona & New York State.

I love life and believe in the magic of Intention therefore I encourage You to reach out if You feel drawn to an In-Person Session. I believe the connected web of life opens up possibilities where the mind can see none.

I wish You a Glorious Moment Right Now in the Ever Present Gift of Life.

May the Heart Based Intention sent with this message Shift Your Consciousness a little more and Awaken You to The Power Within!

Happy Vibin

xo Sach


I offer 1:1 Coach/Mentor Sessions via ZOOM.

These private sessions can be accessed from Anywhere in the world thanks to the incredible gift of connection that technology affords us. This modern style of communication and connection affords Us the chance to interact in real time and Presence. Lets get some New Energy Flowing! Out with the old and In with the New. Yah! Let’s Do This!

Zoom Sessions are in High Demand especially those outside of Australia. It is essential to Book as soon as You feel the call to connect. Corresponding with world time zone differences limits My availability for International Clients so ACT NOW, to ensure You can schedule in the most convenient time for You.


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