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Join Sacha Sully as She talks with Inspirational People around the Globe who are Waking Up and accessing a Higher Consciousness that is available to Us all.

Sacha after years of enduring the sufferings of an unconscious mind and simultaneous following the callings of her intuition she began a dedicated practise of Meditation. What she uncovered was that the space that meditation created within her thoughts allowed the craziness of the Mind to be exposed. As life continued to present challenges her suffering peaked and in that Moment her consciousness Shifted. The Mind was silenced and Grace poured in. From here her self Awareness grew and soon she was practising the art of Mindfulness. Together the two practices changed her life from the inside out.

What Sacha continues to discover is that whilst Consciousness is an Inner State that effects the outer  living of your life we don’t necessarily have all the knowledge and skills to Live Consciously across the entirety of our modern daily lives. How do we live Consciously in a practical sense. The questions continue to arise for Sacha as she personally explores the reality of Living A Fully Present & Conscious Life. How do I buy food? Which Food? If I need new clothes how do I make Conscious choices? Can I still holiday? How do I express myself from a place of Compassion & non judgement whist I learn new ways of expressing verbally my inner truth. How do I parent in a more conscious way as I unlearn my conditioning & step into unfamiliar ground?

These questions come up again and again as Consciousness Shifts and the connection to everything increases. These VibeCasts are an opportunity for Sacha, her Guest and You the Listener to raise the Collective Consciousness through the topics discussed and the opportunity is presented to take a little more Action in another area of our lives.

Each Guest is chosen by Sacha for their heightened Consciousness in one or more areas of their own personal lives. Sacha grows in her own Consciousness as she talks openly and honestly with each Special guest to uncover the Wisdom that they have discovered & to weed out the trappings of short coming of the places within her that remain unconscious.

These VibeCast Convos are a chance for each of Us to Awaken a little more and to hear about Practical ways we can implement Change into our daily lives, one conscious choice at a time.