Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about the movement and flow of energy in-conjunction with our ability to effect it through conscious Awareness.

It is now common scientific knowledge that everything is vibrating energy. Modern technology is now able to show us that even things we previously thought where solid, like for example a table, are actually still vibrating. It is true that objects that are more solid are vibrating more slowly however they are still vibrating and therefore conducting energy.

What’s absolutely wonderful is that Human Beings can effect their ability to vibrate and move up or down in speed and in turn effect their lives in the most astonishing ways.

Science can now show us what many of us have know for thousands of years. When we are feeling joy, happiness, compassion & love we are vibrating at a higher level. When we are feeling guilt, shame, anger, sadness or frustrated we are vibrating at a lower level. We experience this quite literally feeling lighter or heavier in our body, mind, emotions & heart.

My work with what has for centuries been known as Feng Shui is a more deeply holistic approach that uses Conscious Awareness to effect change in personal vibration. This of course in turn has a ripple effect on the Whole.

I use 5. Levels of effect within an individuals life to simplify the process and allow understanding to develop at any Level that is worked with. Again, by working on any one level you will be effecting a shift across all parts of your lIfe. Here are the Levels you will cover:

Level 1. Declutter Your Environment! Your home, work place, car & recreational spaces.

Level 2. Detox Your Body! You will work with the Body from a holistic perspective and consider it as a highly functioning collaborative system. It so much more then just what you eat!

Level 3. Demote Your Mind! For too long the Mind has been running the Show. Now you are taking back the reins and using the Mind as a tool for the life you desire.

Level 4. Detangle Your Heart! Wonder why Relationships are so challenging? Because there are too many people in them! Chances are, you are still emotionally tangled up with your Ex’s and they are taking up valuable heart space from those who are currently in it!

Level 5. Dissolve Your Karma! This is not so much about past or future lives, this is about the Now! In every moment you are creating Karma or completing it. You have a choice, it’s time you made a Conscious one.

My personal terminology in the Webinars, Workshops & Retreats I run are called “Raisin The Vibe” as essentially that is what I hope to do in order to continually Create the easiest life with abundant and joyous flow. You will see here on my webpage and in my Blogs/Vlogs I use that phrase more often then Feng Shui. I do so because even though I have studied Feng Shui I am a Master of only my own life experience and the results I have achieved through practise and experimentation. We are so much more connected to life then we ever knew. Lets get on with Raisin Your Vibe!