Business Mentoring

You are thinking about getting a Mentor!
Connecting here instantly brings You closer to Succeeding in your Business Dreams.

As a Business Mentor I’m here to listen to Who You Are & Share in Your Vision of where you would like to go. To get excited with you about all the possibilities & create firm steps to continually move forward in leaps & bounds.
In fact it is my job to see a ‘WAY BIGGER VERSION’ of the picture you have been creating in your mind.
My ability to do this For You is because I’M NOT RESTRICTED BY FEAR.
This is the biggest asset a great Mentor provides.

In the most simple terms, I’m here with You to ‘make shit happen.’ If you could do it on your own you would of already… & the fact is every person wants to do it on their own. The reality is getting the support of a Mentor & making a commitment is the Key Component to Success. Its what all Mega Successful people do. Thats How they Made IT!

I already know that whatever Business Dreams, Goals & Ambition that you have ARE POSSIBLE.
I can already guarantee that it CAN HAPPEN.
The only thing in question is Your Ability to TAKE ACTION.
The rest is time, attention & commitment. You’ve probably just added ‘and money’.
In truth, money is the smallest obstacle & the great excuse as to why we Don’t Act.

So, heres what I Know FOR SURE:

* If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

* You are 50% more likely to Succeed if you engage external support.

* That number jumps Up if you Respect the person who is supporting you.

* If you pay a little, you care a little. If you pay a lot, you care a lot.

* When we commit externally & put our money where our mouth is we give ourselves & others a Strong Message that “THIS IS HAPPENING”. When we take this step we are already halfway there.

* A Mentor can see a Bigger Picture than You because they are not held back by fear of failure.

* A Mentor isn’t afraid to tell you some ‘home truths’ their role is to breakdown inner roadblocks to ensure Your Success.

* The Most POWERFUL & SUCCESSFUL people in Business & Life in-general HAVE MENTORS.

Let me share a bit about my Business Story.

I grew up poor, sleeping in a double bed with my Mother until I was 13 years old. I had to pay for Yr 11-12 schooling myself. I’ve slept on mattresses on friends concrete garage floors & I’ve had to ask for food vouchers. I’ve known tough. That was a long time ago now…..

Those tough times taught me Everything I needed to Succeed.
I’m grateful for Everything.
I can make my dreams Happen because I’m not of afraid of ‘what ifs’.
I handle Money extremely well & am Gifted at taking what I call ‘CONSIDERED RISKS’.

To date I own numerous properties & businesses.
Some very unconventional ones.
Who wants to be Ordinary when Extraordinary is an Option!
I have homes in the Desert & By the Sea.
My husband & I have successfully created businesses quite literally from the ground up.
My Business interests change, develop or move in different directions as my life does.
I’m in constant flow as is the natural rhythm of Life & I Love That.

Right Now, apart from my business page Here @ Beyond The Butterfly with Mentoring, Retreats Around the Globe, Vibecasts & Triple Win Gifts I also currently Co-Own & manage the following:

*Coffee House
*Opal & Unique Gift Gallery
*Underground Tours
*Import & Export Gem & Minerals of the World
*Jewellery Design & Manufacturing projects

Clients I have Mentored include business ideas/concepts in the following categories:

*Motor Mechanics
*Film Makers
*Spiritual Therapies
*Cafe/Food Premises
*Landscaping/Home Maintenance
*Personal Branding

I’d absolutely Love to support & Yes sometimes push you to make your Business & Professional Dreams Your Reality. Lets get moving, Your Dreams are Screaming to be Born!

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