About Us

Beyond The Butterfly is a Conscious, Heart Inspired, Physical representation of Sacha Sully’s Personal Intention to contribute to the raising of the Collective Evolutionary Human Leap into Heightened Awareness & Conscious Living.

Beyond The Butterfly Logo is a Holistic image of the Process of ever Present Change that is a natural part of the Flow of Life. The Butterfly Logo is a wonderful creative representation of the Feminine & Masculine Energy within the All.

The Journey of the Butterfly from an egg to caterpillar & the breaking down inside of the chrysalis to birthing through its own expansion a totally new form is beyond miraculous. Our unawakened Mind can not comprehend the possibility of such a transformation but the creative unbound vibration of Life supports this process. When we begin to experience this Knowing of Life as a widening deepening expansion of Consciousness beyond the limits of the Egoic Mind we realise that all of Life is held ‘Beyond The Butterfly’ within the essence of the entire process of Creation.

My Mission

To Inspire, Guide & Empower Millions of Individuals, Families & Corporations around the Globe to Wake Up to their suffering minds & Embrace a Life of Conscious Heart-Based Living & in so doing actually Enjoy their lives fully.

Sacha’s Story:

Sacha Sully is a Conscious Dynamic Spiritual Teacher. Her primary Teaching is Deep Love! She understands the depth of human Suffering through her own life Journey of Physical, Mental & Emotional Pain. She also knows that Deep Love is not only possible but the Birth Right of All.

Sacha morphed her personality at an early age to survive & build resilience to Thrive in an environment where many would not. As her life continued to throw Challenges her way as life so often does, her experience of Suffering deepened. Finally she came to a place of an inner ‘No More’. The depth of her pain forced her to go beyond it & a new Consciousness revealed itself.

What had once been her Suffering was now recognised & experienced as Life’s natural flow of order & chaos. This new perspective allowed her to Know Challenge & Change are Life’s gifts to Inspire Growth, Compassion & Human Evolution.

Sacha realised that the Mind is a tool to support the fully Awakened Heart. In doing so, the Path to a Life of Ease, Grace & Creative Abundance was welcomed in.

Sacha demonstrates through the example of Her Life that we are here to live fully in each moment, to become aligned with the Now. She shows us that when we understand the Mind & work with it we can let go of the past & the future & access the full creative potential of Today.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Sacha accesses Meditation, Mindfulness & Compassion to Inspire Creative Business, Community & Personal ventures that arise from a Conscious Heart & a continually Awakening Presence.

Sacha likes the creative ideas to represent what She calls ‘A Triple Win’, inspired by Her one time mentor Kyle Cease. A Win for Me, a Win for You & a Win for the All.

Sacha as a Woman who is aware that She is a part of the natural flow of Life is not restricted by a Mission Statement, label or title. Her life is fluid, ever changing as all Life is. Unencumbered by the restraints of clock time, the malfunctioning of a chaotic Mind or the shackles of a consumerist society She is free to Co-Create. It is Her Joy to encourage & support those who enter Her journey with all the Love, Wisdom & Grace that She is.

Currently Sacha supports people around the Globe to realise their potential through:

  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • Group Retreats
  • VibeCasts
  • Online Teachings
  • Creative Triple Win Gifts